The Clinic

Located in the Bella Terra area of Huntington Beach in the heart of Orange County California, Vivify Health & Wellness serves as an integrative medicine clinic. 


We provide hormone therapies, weight loss services, chiropractic medicine, physical medicine, regenerative medicine, and various other functional medicine services to help you optimize your health and wellness.

Our Philosophy


To vivify is to renew, to endow with renewed life, and to impair vitality.  Vivify Health & Wellness strives to be that source of renewal, regeneration, and vitality in its service of health and wellness care.  It is our aim to always be at the culmination of excellence in its delivery of health care services that aims to provide that sense of renewal and rejuvenation.


Vivify Health & Wellness aims to serve its patient population by providing physical medicine services, chiropractic care services, medical weight loss services, hormone replacement therapy services, regenerative medicine services, functional/precision medicine services, and ancillary medical testing and screening services.   Our aim will always be to provide these services with the excellence and quality of care that meets the needs of our patient population.  Our mission is to spire to ethically provide high quality and innovative healthcare services to the community we serve in Huntington Beach and Orange County.


The Doctor


Dr. Karl Robinson is an integrative medicine health care provider who is a California licensed Chiropractor as well as a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner.  Dr. Robinson has over 6 years’ experience in regenerative medicine, over 13 years in musculoskeletal care and physical medicine, and extensive experience in hormone replacement therapy and weight loss medicine.  Vivify Health & Wellness is Dr. Robinson’s newest venture into private practice serving Huntington Beach in the heart of Orange County at the busy Bella Terra Medical Center.  Dr. Robinson brings forth a passion for integrating natural medicine with traditional medicine and functional and precision medicine.  Key to our philosophy at Vivify Health & Wellness is an Anti-Aging philosophy that incorporates clinical nutrition, lifestyle modifications, peptide therapies, and hormone replacement therapies.  At Vivify Health & Wellness we also embrace Regenerative Medicine therapies including stem cell therapies, PRP, prolotherapy, exosome therapies, and much more. 

About Vivify Health & Wellness