Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

A man’s erection results when the penis becomes engorged with blood to make it stiff enough for sexual penetration.   Sometimes that process doesn’t work as well as it should and we call that erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability for a man to be able to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient enough for satisfactory sexual performance.  ED is very common among men and it occurs at all ages in adulthood, but it tends occur more commonly as men get older.  Approximately 40% of men in their 40s will have some degree of ED, and by 60 years of age almost 70% of men have some amount of ED.   ED is a prevalent problem, but one with many solutions and one that should not be ignored. 


What causes ED?

ED can have a psychologically cause or a physical cause.  Psychological causes are less common and can include performance anxiety, relationship difficulties, or other psychological issues.  Most often ED is related to a physiological process.  ED can be associated with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight or obese, metabolic syndrome, low testosterone, prostate cancer treatment, medications, smoking, substance abuse, and alcohol abuse.  ED can also occur in men without any underlying cause. The cause of ED is complex, it involves vascular, neurologic, psychologic, and hormonal issues that often intertwine.  Fortunately there are many different treatment options are available for most cases of ED.

Should I Treat my ED?

The consequences of not treating ED can impact relationships, self-esteem, and since of intimacy.  ED results is significant distress to men who experience it.  Don’t ignore your body and your intimate relationships.  Contact us today to find out what treatment options are available for you to manage ED. 

Learn More about ED Treatments at Vivify!

  1. PDE5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil)

  2. Trimix injections

  3. PT-141

  4. PRP

  5. Wave therapies

  6. Hormone therapies

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