Do Men Need Hormone Therapy?

As men age, we see a gradual decline in the principle male sex hormone, testosterone.  This decline in testosterone results is a constellation of symptoms and health risks that can greatly affect quality of life.  This decline in testosterone is called andropause and is a condition that can be easily treated safely and effectively.


In medical terms, andropause is an absolute or relative insufficiency of testosterone in relation to the needs of that individual at that particular time in his life.  This term used to describe the lack of the androgen hormones (i.e. testosterone) that your body requires.  Andropause is usually age-related, but we are seeing younger and younger men suffering from andropause.  Fortunately, testosterone replacement is a viable, safe, and effective therapy to manage the symptoms of andropause.

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As men age a slow decline in testosterone levels occurs, and this age related decline can result in changes in sexual function, energy level, body composition, strength, cognitive function, and physical function.  Half of all men between 50 to 70 years of age will have a testosterone level lower than the lowest level seen in healthy men between 20 to 40 years of age.  Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe and effective means to control the symptoms of low testosterone, as is evidenced by controlled and uncontrolled trials dating back 70+ years; .

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