B12 and Lipotropic Injections

Injections for Weight Loss in Orange County

If your goal is weight loss and you have tried diet and exercise, lipotropic injections for weight loss may be the next best step for you.  At Vivify Health & Wellness we have trained and experienced providers that can help you reach your goals.  The lipotropic injections we offer for weight loss can help you lose the weight and keep it off.  With our trained team, losing the weight medically has never been easier. 

B12 is an essential vitamin that is so important for energy production and metabolism in every cell in your body.  We use B12 injections to help boost your metabolism, because when we are working hard on weight loss we need every boost we can get!

All B12 injections are not the same!  We only use natural versions of B12.  Find out about methylcobalamin injections today!


Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss

Lipotropic injections contain amino acids that help you boost your metabolism and help your body burn off the stored fat.  These injections are often combined with vitamins and minerals to give your body the boost it needs to burn fat and enhance your results when combined with diet and exercise.

What is a lipotropic injection?

The main formulation of any lipotropic injection contains an amino acid compound referred to as MIC, which includes Methionine, Inositol, and choline.  These three amino acids are involved in helping to mobilize and metabolize the fats in your body.  Lipotropic injections are easily administered and the effects begin immediately.  The results may not be seen for weeks and will be improved with regular diet and exercise.  . 


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