Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is an exciting new treatment option that uses your body’s own healing abilities to heal chronic injuries or wounds that are not healing like they should.  PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma,” and it is an autologous therapy, meaning the treatment comes from your own body to heal our own body.

PRP to Regenerate


PRP has been used by many professional athletes to promote healing and allow them to return to their training sooner.  PRP is a non-surgical option that shows promising results for many conditions including tendonitis, tendinosis, bursitis, sprain/strain, muscle and ligament tears, etc.  It has even been shown to be effective for aesthetics including PRP facial rejuvenation and PRP breast augmentation.  PRP can also be beneficial for sexual dysfunction including male ED and female anorgasmia.


PRP to Promote Healing


PRP, or “Platelet Rich Plasma,” is what we refer to as an autologous blood concentrate of platelets.  That basically means that PRP is a concentration of your own platelets inside your own plasma, taken from your blood, then injected back into your body to promote healing.  This is accomplished by a simple blood draw, and a 2 spin method of centrifuging the blood to remove the platelets then concentrate the platelets. 

So, why do we go through all this trouble to get the platelets?

Inside all of the platelets in your body are small bioactive proteins called growth factors.   These growth factors are essential elements the body produces to promote tissue repair, rebuilding, and regeneration.  When we use PRP therapeutically we are using the body’s natural healing elements, growth factors, to promote tissue healing in tissues that are not healing correctly.  When PRP is injected into tissue, the release of those growth factors promotes healing of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue like skin, ligaments, and tendons.  These growth factors also promote the development of new blood vessels and stimulate the wound healing process. 


PRP Injections at Vivify Health & Wellness

PRP is a simple procedure done in an office visit setting.  Your blood is drawn by the staff phlebotomist or provider, then there is about 20-30 minutes to process the blood, and finally the blood is carefully re-injected by out trained provider to the area of concern.  PRP is a minimally invasive and safe procedure that uses your body’s own healing process to promote healing in a part of your body that is not healing correctly or adequately. 

Find out more about PRP for you by making an appointment with us today to see if you are a candidate for PRP therapy.