Immunity Boosting 2 Month Package at Vivify Health & Wellness.

We are happy to be able offer the Tri-Immune injection at Vivity Health & Wellness. Tri-Immune is an injection that contains Vitamin C, Zinc, and Glutathione to boost your immune functioning and help to keep you stay healthy.

For a limited time we are offering an initial evaluation with Dr. Karl Robinson, a 2 month supply of Vitamin D along with eight (8) weekly injections to Trim-Immune Boost, all for only $119 (if eligible).

Vitamin C is a vitamin we cannot make on our own, we can only get Vitamin C from our diet or supplementation. Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient and a potent antioxidant that is known to boost a person’s innate and adaptive immune systems. Vitamin C enhances the ability of B & T immune cells to differentiate and function as immune cells. Vitamin C supplementation has also been shown to help with preventing and treating respiratory and systemic infections. Vitamin C is a well-established nutrient to assist in keeping you healthy and your immune system strong.

Zinc is an essential mineral that we cannot make in our body, we can only get zinc from our diet or supplementation. This nutrient is known to impair immune function when deficient because it is so essential to the functioning of the immune system. Zinc has also been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Zinc is known to be a crucial component in the development and function of immune cells (lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, & NK cells). Zinc supplementation has been shown to have anti-viral properties in (1) improving the antiviral response and systemic immunity and (2) in inhibiting viral replication and infection related symptoms. Zinc has also been shown to inhibit viral activity and viral replication of coronaviruses, which is why it has been used for the common cold and why it was recommended for the 1st SARS outbreak in 2002. Research has also shown that Zinc can reduce the duration of the common cold which is caused by viruses such as rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, etc.

Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant in the body, which inhibits oxidative stress on the cells and cellular damage from free radicals. For these reasons, glutathione has been considered by many to be one of the most important detoxifying molecules in the body. In addition to inhibiting inflammation and free radicals, glutathione is also known to inhibit viral infection and promote an antiviral response. Glutathione has been shown to inhibit viral replication, but it has also been shown to fine tune the innate immune response via lipopolysaccharide induced antiviral responses. Sadly, glutathione is broken down in the gut before you absorb any, which means buying glutathione pills and taking by mouth does very little to increase the glutathione levels in your body. The best method to increase your glutathione levels is by an injection in the muscle or an IV.

Vitamin D3 has become very popular during the coronavirus pandemic, and for good reason. Historically, we have thought of Vitamin D as essential for balancing calcium levels in the blood and bones. However, over the past 10-20 years the many complex roles of Vitamin D as a hormone and immune system regulator have come to light. A majority of immune cells in your body contain Vitamin D receptors (VDR) that respond to vitamin D levels to modulate an immune response to infection as well as controlling inflammation and controlling autoimmunity.

Vitamin D deficiency has been recognized as a global public health problem. Very few people are getting adequate Vitamin D from diet or sunlight exposure, and most of us require vitamin D supplementation to maintain optimal levels. Vitamin D’s interplay with the immune system appears to be complex, it doesn’t necessary stimulate or suppress immune function, it modulates the immune system, and does so generally in ways that we want. Vitamin D can suppress cytokine inflammation, but can also promote T cell lymphocyte activation during cases of viral infection of B cells. Another mechanism of inhibiting viral infection involves Vitamin D upregulation of toll like receptors (TLRs) that stimulates the immune response in microbial infection, but also being able to downregulate TLRs in response to inflammation based disease. We also see these effects clinically in that people with low vitamin D levels tend to have more respiratory infections and at a greater severity. An interesting fact about the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, is that it enters cells of the gut and lungs via a receptor called the ACE-2 receptor. Vitamin D treatment has been shown to suppress this ACE-2 expression. Another interesting fact about the Covid-19 is that much of the morbidity and mortality is associated with a cytokine storm that can occur when inflammatory cytokines kind of go haywire. Vitamin D is known to downregulate these inflammatory cytokines. Vitamin D may not be a magic bullet for Covid-19, but there are many studies showing that Vitamin D supplementation may be important for both reducing the susceptibility of the coronavirus infection and reducing the severity of illness if contracting Covid-19.

Antiviral nutrition is a complicated discussion with many players in helping your body initiate an immune defense against viral infection. However, in trying to help promote a plan to optimize your nutrition we are offering the following:

· Tri-Immune Boost injections with Zinc, Vitamin C, and Glutathione

· B12 injections

· Pharmaceutical grade 5000 IU Vitamin D3

Come get your 2 Month Package today. The following is included with each package:

· Consultation with the provider to discuss options and determine eligibility.

· Eight (8) Vitamin B12 injections, once a week for 8 weeks

· Eight (8) Tri-Immune Boost injections (with vitamin C, zinc, & glutathione), once a week for 8 weeks

· Pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D3, sixty (60) 5000 IU tablets

· Ask about getting a FREE chiropractic evaluation with your 2 month package too!

For a limited time only, each 2 Month Package is only $119. Book an appointment today!