What is Regenerative Medicine?

Traditional medicine has focused on managing the symptoms of diseases and conditions, but rarely has been able to address the root cause of many of the diseases, chronic injuries, or conditions that affect so many people.  Regenerative medicine is revolutionary and new approach to medicine, causing many doctors to start to re-think these traditional medical approaches.

Stem Cell Therapies

Regenerative Medicine is Cutting Edge Healing

Regenerative medicine is a discipline of medicine that focuses on using the body’s natural healing abilities to promote healing, repair, and regeneration in areas that have degenerated, become dysfunctional, and are not healing correctly.  This approach offers solutions to many people and gives hope to those who had previously had no other options or only had surgical options with high risk.  The roots of regenerative medicine go back many years ago with bone marrow and organ transplants.  Recent advancements in our understanding of stem cells therapies have led to an explosion in our understanding of healing and regeneration.  We are learning more and more about different instruments of regenerative medicine including stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, cellular exosomes, and many other healing elements have unlocked new horizons to healing previously unavailable to traditional medicine.  These new therapies can allow practitioners to develop new regenerative therapies and refine existing therapies. 

Why do we need to tap into regenerative therapies?

Our body has natural healing abilities in our immune system, our platelets, and our cells.  If you get a cut or a scrape, your body will respond with a scab then will repair and heal.  If you get a cold, then you rest and your immune system will help you get well.  However, sometimes the body doesn’t heal correctly, it heals insufficiently, or it doesn’t heal at all.  Regenerative medicine can utilize our own natural healing process to regenerate, repair, and rejuvenate these areas of the body that have failed to heal and have degenerated.   

Get Back to Living Better with Regenerative Medicine Interventions.

People living with chronic pain from arthritis, tendonitis, or other problems musculoskeletal system can endure daily pain lasting months, years, and decades.  Regenerative medicine injections offer a non-surgical alternative treatment with the potential to change lives.  These options can postpone or prevent joint replacement surgery or other surgical procedures.  These regenerative medicine options can be an option to get out of pain without using harmful pain medications that can damage your liver, kidney, or cause serious addiction.  These injections are also non cortisone (steroid) injections and do not have the drawbacks that cortisone injections have.  Regenerative medicine injections can provide a means to regain more function with lower pain to bring you back to living a better and more fulfilling life. 

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