Shoulder Pain


With 4 joints, a rotator cuff, a big bursa, and many ligaments and muscles, diagnosing problems in the shoulder can seem intimidating at first.  However with a careful examination we can often pinpoint the cause of your shoulder pain and determine the best plan for treatment. 

Treatment for Shoulder Pain


Your doctor will begin with talking to you to obtain a history of your shoulder condition, followed by a medical examination relevant to your shoulder problem.  There are many things related to the shoulder we may to look at; such as joint problems (like arthritis or joint separation), bursitis, somatic dysfunction, instability of the shoulder, trigger points in the muscles, rotator cuff tears, other tendon tears, impingement syndrome, or a frozen shoulder.  Shoulder pain can even come from structures of the neck or upper back, or it can be referred from an internal organ like the gallbladder.  All these and more will be evaluated by your doctor at Vivify Health & Wellness.  At times, your doctor may order an x-ray or advanced imaging like an MRI to look more closely into the joint of the shoulder.

Treatments depend on the problem you have, and may include chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapeutic modalities, home exercises, medication, steroid injections, regenerative medicine injections (such as PRP or stem cells), or a combination of treatments.  As always, if your specific condition requires more specialized care we will always do our best to ensure that the correct referral is made.