Upper and Mid Back Pain


Just like low back pain and mid back pain, there can be very many causes of upper to mid back pain.  Most commonly it is related to stress and strain of the muscles and ligaments of the back, what we call mechanical back pain. 

Upper and Mid Back Pain Causes

Commonly this is seen from poor ergonomics sitting in front of a computer all day long, causing a chronic repetitive stress,  This type of pain can also occur after a trauma or injury.

Treatment for Upper to Mid Back Pain


Come by out office today to have your back pain evaluated.  We can offer a variety of treatments to help assess your pain and how to treat it.  At Vivify Health & Wellness you will receive a careful examination and a treatment plan customized to your condition and needs, when indicated appropriated diagnostic tests will be performed referred out, and if your specific condition requires more specialized care we will always do our best to ensure that the correct referral is made.